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Weekly Digest - Vol. 6

This weekly digest primarily pulls from what I share on LinkedIn, but going forward I think I'm going to start bringing in other articles and insights I've been collecting throughout my internet meanderings. Everything shared is purely a repository of what I find insightful or interesting, or that shocks my mind into a spiral of thought that otherwise wouldn't have happened. I hope that you, dear reader, find some of these items inspiring as well.


This is a very cool way for CNN to help show just how difficult it is to steer a "boat" that is the length of the Empire State Building, and that weighed about 200,000 metric tons, through a narrow body of water whose depth depended on the changing tides.

Interactive Site That Allows a Layman to Simulate Steering the Ever Given Through The Suez Canal
What the Title Says. (Graphic Courtesy of CNN)

What a wonderful look into the mind of someone who was bored, yet curious enough to transfer that boredom into agency and used it to build a simple, yet viral, website that helped answer a very simple, rather timely, question: is the ship still stuck? And then threw in an NFT just for fun. In the creator's own words: "It sort of felt like the nerdiest possible weekend-long rager." I love the internet.


Everything old is new again, and the latest example of this is Facebook getting into the newsletter game, capitalizing on the growing self-publishing space and the popularity of their groups. "Newsletters made headlines today after Facebook announced a plan laying out some of its intentions in the space. In a blog post entitled Supporting independent writers, the company explained its point of view and sketched out the products it is now building."


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