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In my sophomore year of undergrad, I made the life-changing decision to switch my major. I went from Pre-Med to English Literature and started down a path that I find myself still treading. With Literature, I loved the vast amount of thought and discussion that occurs around a book or poem or play. The critical thinking brought to light the wildly dichotomous thoughts of the scholars and researchers I studied. It was empowering because it allowed me to think beyond the constraints of my class and curriculum. And, it gave me a solid foundation in research — a necessity for every strategist.


I am forever a fan of fantasy and science fiction (my honors thesis in undergrad was on the power of names in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy), but I am also incredibly practical. I minored in Journalism and Economics, and for the former - had the opportunity to do an internship at 1010 WINS (a very well-known AM News radio station in NYC). Journalism was another foundational piece in understanding strategic thinking, and economics (while not my favorite), gave me the basis of understanding how business works.


Another pivotal step was deciding to capitalize on my undergrad education and then current work experience, by pursuing a master's degree in Strategic Communication at Columbia University. This degree shaped how I approach business strategy — because business without strategy is throwing darts at a board and hoping to hit the bullseye.  

It's been a few years since I completed my master's program, arguably one of the best things I've done for myself. Primarily because I now have an amazing group of super smart, creative thinkers who I can rely on to bounce ideas off, ask questions and vet potential directions that I want to take in a project. It's like having my own personal board in some ways - and it's great.


I've also had the opportunity to work in so many different industries in a variety of marketing and communications roles, all tempered by strategic thinking and planning. Whether it was building a social program for a financial services firm, being part of the team leading digital transformation at both a professional services organization and a CPG brand, or developing a 360 digital communications strategy for an NGO - strategy, and being able to emphasize the importance of strategic communications in each instance, is the common thread. And  I cannot stress enough how important paying attention to communications, not the discipline, but the act of communicating in all its forms has been for my personal and professional growth. A business that doesn't understand communications is one that is content to chase its tail. If you place communications as an afterthought in your strategies, you might as well just keep throwing those darts.

Today, I am excited about bringing strategies to life that take a business to the next level of success. And I can't wait to share this excitement with you.


I love to bake and cook and have a lot of thoughts on the subject of food culture as one of the pillars of humanity. J/K. But I do have a food blog – you can check it out here. 

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