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Weekly Digest - Vol. 2

Every day, I spend some time browsing through my web content aggregator, skimming or reading through articles or reports or beautiful bits of the internet. I tend to share what resonates with me on my LinkedIn feed, because why not share inspiration? But like with any social feed, the items you post tend to disappear from view after a week or so with the algorithm. This weekly digest is a way to curate and expand on the posts that were shared throughout the week with my network on LinkedIn, and maybe include articles or other ideas that weren't.


It's no surprise that audio-first platforms are the new frontier of content creation and audience engagement. Personally, I think the widespread adoption of podcasts have led way in prepping people to be comfortable in engaging via audio. That, and that COVID-19 restrictions has brought on virtual engagement fatigue, and any respite from staring at a screen while still having the ability to interact with others was worth investing time with.

Mint green headphones on a background of half coral and mint green.
MS Tech | Pexels (courtesy of MIT)
"The intimacy of voice makes audio social media that much more appealing in the age of social distancing and isolation. "

However, "for platforms where people can jump in at any time and chat, the very democratization that makes audio attractive creates a nightmare in moderation. "


Photo collage courtesy of Boards of Innovation Blog

Love this breakdown of cultural shifts influencing the fashion/clothing world, several that any brands should be paying attention to (frankly, I'd be surprised if most CPG brand don't have these trends as part of their consumer behavior forecasting).


Of all the gadgets and innovations from CES I was reading about, this potential in-home recycling tool by Lasso Loop Recycling is the one I keep going back to in my mind. I really hope that when they release it that economic accessibility forms part of their release plan (I also have thoughts about how to educate outside of their initial release market).


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