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Weekly Digest - Vol. 3

Every day, I spend some time browsing through my web content aggregator, skimming or reading through articles or reports or beautiful bits of the internet. I tend to share what resonates with me on my LinkedIn feed, because why not share inspiration? But like with any social feed, the items you post tend to disappear from view after a week or so with the algorithm. This weekly digest is a way to curate and expand on the posts that were shared throughout the week with my network on LinkedIn, and maybe include articles or other ideas that weren't.



From the article: "this kind of symbiosis happens once platforms reach a certain level of maturation. Some users end up building functionality that make their own experience better[]," when talking about the ecosystem of supplemental products that has sprung up around the Clubhouse app.


Failure is Okay. Cover Image from - a girl and a boy on a bicycle falling.
Failure is Okay. Cover Image from

While this article is speaking to software systems, it's still applicable in most areas of life (and business). Failure is okay, and "if everything is the most important thing, then nothing is."


This article outlined the five fallacies we keep repeating throughout the pandemic. Risk compensation. Rules in place of mechanisms and intuitions. Scolding and shaming. Harm reduction. The balance between knowledge and action.

We should encourage people to dream about the end of this pandemic by talking about it more, and more concretely: the numbers, how's, and whys. Offering clear guidance on how this will end can help strengthen people’s resolve to endure whatever is necessary for the moment — even if they are still unvaccinated — by building warranted and realistic anticipation of the pandemic’s end.

The social change ecosystem map.

Came across this Social Ecosystem Map via one of the wonderful Good Food Jobs newsletters. I like the simplicity of the ecosystem as well as the easy breakdown of the different roles and the prompts to activate each.


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