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Weekly Digest - Vol. 5

Every day, I spend some time browsing through my web content aggregator, skimming or reading through articles or reports or beautiful bits of the internet. I tend to share what resonates with me on my LinkedIn feed, because why not share inspiration? But like with any social feed, the items you post tend to disappear from view after a week or so with the algorithm. This weekly digest is a way to curate and expand on the posts that were shared throughout the week with my network on LinkedIn, and maybe include articles or other ideas that weren't.

This week I took a deeper look into technology and food distribution and tracking.


Image of a hand popping out of a tablet holding a grocery bag
Photo Cred: Crunchbase

Interesting new entrant into the grocery delivery space, a competitor to Instacart and supermarkets directly, one which promised no delivery fee and (at least in NYC), deliveries in under 15 mins. "Fridge No More has warehouse space with more than 2,000 SKUs and offers free instant delivery, no minimum order and prices that rival the supermarket, Danilov said. It also created a proprietary, data platform for inventory and order management that is optimized based on store-specific customer demand."


I saw an article shared here on LinkedIn re: McDonald's plans for greater restaurant automation capabilities (read: food lockers). But now there's another company that's taking food automation to the next step (or trying to).


I saw a video on Mashable (or tried to watch it - they need to fix their video library UI, it's terrible) on an affordable laser engraver. This can even engrave on food items, which makes me hopeful that we'll stop seeing those non-recyclable stickers on fruits and vegetables and instead just have their PLU codes laser engraved.


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