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Weekly Digest - Vol. 8

This weekly digest primarily pulls from what I share on LinkedIn, but going forward I think I'm going to start bringing in other articles and insights I've been collecting throughout my internet meanderings. Everything shared is purely a repository of what I find insightful or interesting, or that shocks my mind into a spiral of thought that otherwise wouldn't have happened. I hope that you, dear reader, find some of these items inspiring as well.


Rethink the way you approach planning. "Goals create boundaries where so much could flourish without them."

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Image: Chat (2021) by Viktor Timofeev. Three-channel custom software, furniture, modified keyboards. Courtesy the artist.

Fascinating long-form piece on the evolution of the relationship consumers have with content. More specifically, "free or not, content is still a commodity, inherently shaped by the platforms that circulate it and responsive to their incentives, monetary or otherwise. "

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If more reasons are needed to not book back to back virtual meetings (or meetings in general), this research from Microsoft is pretty compelling.

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